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SHEEPFEEDER - Hay & Grain Feeders - designed for up to 100% hay


The Brookfield sheep feeder is the way of the future for anyone serious about producing quality lambs. The unique design allows unhindered and consistent flow of material at all times making it ideal for supplement feeding and feed-lotting with hay/grain mixes, up to 100% hay.

What makes the BROOKFIELD™ SHEEPFEEDER unique?

The Brookfield sheep feeder stands unique because it contains all  the following features in one feeder...

  • Proven success with 100% hay
  • Adjustable opening
  • Can be carried when full
  • Swinging tray
  • Full opening lid
  • Weather protection over tray
  • Double capacity of standard feeders
  • Fully galvanised robust construction
  • Largest feeding area on the market

...It just keeps getting better!!

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Brookfield SheepFeeder

Brookfield 100% Hay - SheepFeeder  SheepFeeder

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Why Use Hay?

Losing lambs from grain poisoning? Feed more hay.
High grain prices for sheep feed? Go twice as far with hay mix.
Use up your poor quality hay – mix it all up with a small percentage of grain – they love it.


"...I am very happy with the BROOKFIELD SheepFeeder. It's very well made and works very well. I wouldn't have any other feeder."
Tom Davidson - Moorundie Park

"...The consistency of their quality and weight for age is due to their supplementary feeding practices, using the Brookfield sheep feeders plus lucerne/pasture Brookfield Farms lambs regularly top the market and many times over they have been in our first pen."
Luke Whitty - Kevin Miller, Whitty, Lennon & Co

"They're just great - you can carry them full, the feed doesn't get wet or go stale, I can't make anything bridge even 100% hay & they're double the size of what we had before. They're just less work & cost for us and produce a far superior lamb. Brookfield have totally revolutionised our sheep enterprise"
Paul Williams - Cowra Farmer

"This is by far the best feeder is ever seen or used. As good as zero waste; will feed anything from hay to grain; big capacity; faster turn around with lambs; more consistent mob. They're a very well designed, tested & built feeder."
Graham - Lamb Breeder

"...most efficient and effective system we've ever had..."
Canowindra Lamb Producer

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