The Brookfield Difference


To provide solutions that result in better life

“‘Better Life’ is unique to each individual. It could be described as numerous positive and successful outcomes in yields, costs and operation that provide resources in time and money to empower the individual to pursue their goals and aspirations.”

And finally – “We ask you to consider all the things that you would love to do more of but lack the time and money necessary to do so. For many it is spending time with family or getting creative out in the workshop. We then invite you to come and talk to us about how we can help you achieve these goals through our Systems and Superior Implements.”

the brookfield difference
Welcome to the BROOKFIELD Family

Tried – Tested – Perfected

“There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation…” – George Washington Carver. Attention to detail is not just a handy skill that is great to possess – Attention to Detail is a way of life that ensures consistency and quality. Perfection is only achieved by getting ALL of the little things right, every time. Matching this thoroughness is the superior design capacity that we at Brookfield pride ourselves in possessing.

From their origins in the minds of the Wallace family, all of our great products have been marked by clever and versatile design. Add the kind of service that you can depend on, every time and you have the Brookfield Experience.

Our History


In the early 1940’s Gordon H. Wallace walked his horse from the slopes of four-mile creek near Orange in Central Western NSW to the rolling hills of Billimari near Cowra. As he went he was impressed by the immense potential of the rich soils of the Lachlan Valley and decided that this was where he would settle down and build a farm and family.

Today this land is the home of Brookfield Farms & Pastoral where his son Phillip and his skilled team are still striving to get the best out of this fertile land. He quickly realised that this potential would only be realised with the most efficient tools and machinery which led to the build of his first spraying rig in the 1960’s. Following the success of this assignment he went on to make more and more machines for his own use…all of which proved far more useful than what was available for purchase at the time.

His next realisation was that this ingenuity in design was looked for amongst his neighbours and BROOKFIELD was born. Today BROOKFIELD is a market-leader in providing agricultural innovations and solutions globally.

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