Disc Chains a Popular Option as Chemical Shortage Looms

MARCH 26, 2020

The current season has seen weeds such as Feathertop Rhodes Grass become increasingly difficult to manage, especially given the current restrictions around chemical supplies and freight in recent weeks. Grain Central reported last week that “the rush on herbicide stocks, coupled with supply issues coming out of China in the wake of the corona virus outbreak, has seen some shortfalls in herbicide availability. Feathertop Rhodes grass had been a particularly difficult issue for growers this season. Each plant can produce 100,000 seeds with 40 per cent viability. It is around houseyards, fencelines, paddocks, mailboxes, guideposts, culverts – it is scattered everywhere.”

Considering the chemical shortage, the most effective way to manage weeds such as these in the current environment is to manage it with Disc Chain. The DC72 Disc Chain features maximum chain flexibility and performance in heavy soils. It’s ideal for stubble knockdown, weed control, maximum tilth creation and levelling. Sowing with narrower row spacing also increases competition, decreases weeds, decreases costs and increases returns for producers.

All BROOKFIELD Disc Chains can be fitted to a BROOKFIELD implement bar or retro-fitted onto another brand bar with our innovative swivel adaptor. We have all chains in stock and ready to dispatch immediately, they can be delivered to your closest dealer or on farm.


Talk to us or your local dealer today about the range of BROOKFIELD Disc Chains and how they can assist your farm operation in reducing chemical and labour costs and assist you manage paddocks before sowing in the most effective way