AUGUST 28, 2019

The most compact way to optimise soil health!

BROOKFIELD will continue to live by their brand ‘Farming the Future’ when they unveil the all new D40 ChainBar, a new compact model with a 4m working width at Henty Machinery Field Days this year.

As with all BROOKFIELD models of ChainBar, the D40 has been built to optimise soil health and ensure all tillage needs are covered from stubble management post-harvest, weed control during fallow right through to levelling and preparing the paddock for seeding.

The new model is simple, clean and features a fast-vertical lift for easy turning. The compact model can be towed behind a ute for ease of transportation and comes standard with a 3-point linkage hitch for accurate height adjustment.

The D40 is a high-quality implement frame made for real Australian conditions. The main frame is made from 150x150x6 SHS with the entire range of BROOKFIELD Disc Chains being able to be fitted to the frame for varying conditions with ease.

Where tough soil conditions prevail, the fixed wings provide consistent ground follow. The depth control can be managed simply through an individual swivel bearing height adjustment that is unlike any other on the market. The adjustable front droppers also feature on the D40 to allow producers to perform superior levelling all year round.

BROOKFIELD have kept the farmer in mind with the new model featuring a narrow 2.45m transport width for simple road transport, a low 2.3m transport height and transport length of 7.1m for ease of transportation. There is no doubt the 4m ChainBar will prove to be very popular throughout many coastal and inland farming regions as an exceptional all-round tillage machine and the most compact way to optimise soil health. Many agronomists see the BROOKFIELD ChainBar as an essential tool for the control of resistant weeds such as black oats, rye grass, fleabane & melons. For over 20 years, excellent results have been obtained by using the ChainBar to incorporate pre-emergent chemicals.

The ChainBar can be used before, during and after sowing and is able to be operated alone or behind other implements, such as scarifiers, air seeders, offset disc ploughs and more. BROOKFIELD continually research, develop, test and prove new tools for the ever changing demands of today’s agriculture for maximum return on investment and minimum downtime. With the climate of the 21st century and with more emphasis being placed on a sustainable future, moisture, conservation and drought proofing BROOKFIELD is the way forward. Enhanced soil microbial activity, moisture retention by mulched stubbles and retained ground cover after harvest, makes the BROOKFIELD ChainBar a must for zero and minimum tillage operations.

Come along to the BROOKFIELD site 242-244 (Block F) at Henty Machinery Field Days this year to see the first D40 ChainBar on display.

If you would like more information on the BROOKFIELD D40 ChainBar – call 1800 774 274, email or visit