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Conveying Efficiency at the Farm Gate

Conveying Efficiency at the Farm Gate

The increasing desire for more innovative and efficient farm machinery is where BROOKFIELD’s grass roots began in the Lachlan Valley. Always looking to improve production, make products safer and increase the efficiency in which they work has been a key element in why they do what they do.

In recent years the OmniBin, a grouper bin for all types of commodities has been a popular choice amongst customers in the farming sector because of its design, safety features and high quality. The OmniBin had multiple options for augers and rear feed delivery but there was always a design in mind to make the OmniBin more innovative.

This week, BROOKFIELD are delighted to release a new conveyor that is available for the OmniBin that allows producers to operate more efficiently during key sowing and harvest periods throughout the year. The new conveyor option enables a producer to fully operate the OmniBin by the wireless handheld remote control from the top of the seed cart. The seed or fertiliser is released onto the bottom conveyor under the OmniBin through individual door actuators that transfer it to the rear of the OmniBin. The seed or fertiliser is then conveyed across to the 6m, 9m or 12m conveyor belt that then delivers it up into the seed cart.

The first conveyor hit the paddock last week in Victoria where it was working off a new OB320 OmniBin. The conveyor was 12m (40ft) to allow the producer to fill a coupled simplicity air cart and made their last-ditch sowing efforts a breeze.

Here at BROOKFIELD, we value quality, innovation, safety and efficiency and believe that our customers do too. Don’t hesitate in getting a quote on a new OmniBin with the conveyor option to suit your operation. Our products are designed from working on the land ourselves, we know the frustrations that come with poor operating machinery and delays when work needs to be done.

Don’t waste another year feeling frustrated, do yourself a favour and contact us today on 1800 774 274 or sales@brookfield.net.au and see how a BROOKFIELD OmniBin can benefit your farming operation this season.


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