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Farm Safety All Year Round

Farm Safety All Year Round

Safety on Australian farms is becoming more important each year with farm safety a top priority for farmers everywhere. Workplaces such as farms can be unpredictable with large animals, chemicals and a variety of large machinery which can make accidents more likely to occur.

The law in Australia states “A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure so far is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers at work.” At BROOKFIELD, we pride ourselves on being innovative by creating farm machinery that includes more safety features to ensure anyone operating any BROOKFIELD machine is kept safe before, during and after operation.

Between 2003 and 2015, the number of incidents involving mobile plant and transport totaled 270 fatalities. During that time, 142 workers died as the result of being hit by a heavy vehicle (truck, semi-trailer, lorries) or a light vehicle (cars, station wagons, vans, utilities). As a result, “47 per cent of the workers who died were employed either in the Agriculture, forestry and fishing” industries.

Through understanding the importance of farm safety, the BROOKFIELD OmniBin was built. The OmniBin is unique because of its low center of gravity and high capacity. The OmniBin is able to be operated by one person via a remote control and it doesn’t tip up or over in paddocks ensuring full safety of the operator.

The OmniBin is a highly versatile commodity bin that can handle seed & fertiliser at sowing time, stock feed and general grain handling throughout the year, including to the silos during harvest. Popular for its ability to self-clean and ensure no contamination, the OmniBin and conveyor belt delivery system ensure commodities can be blended with ease.

The OmniBin is available in 3 standard sizes however customised sizes and options are available to ensure the OmniBin is suited to each individuals requirements on farm.


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