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Managing Summer Weeds in Drought Conditions

Managing Summer Weeds in Drought Conditions

With sporadic rainfall falling across the country in recent weeks, its important to remember the key period for effectively managing weeds in cropping paddocks and preparing seedbeds for sowing is sneaking up on us very quickly this year.

Preserving soil moisture in key growing areas is a hot topic of discussion and preserving that moisture is crucial. The best time after light rainfall on fallow paddocks at this time of the year is a pass with a ChainBar fitted with disc chains to encourage any weeds to come up early so they can be removed with another pass before sowing, eliminating the need for chemicals. For stubble paddocks, the use of the ChainBar fitted with Knuckle Chain can remove weeds and incorporate stubble into the soil, creating a mulch-like protective layer over your soil that will reduce evaporation and boost microbial activity.

The Knuckle Chain can also be used throughout the year on pasture paddocks where chemical spraying is not ideal. A recent example of thistle weed management is shown below, where a BROOKFIELD client was able to leave pastures untouched while removing the established thistle weeds before seeding to avoid further spreading.

Further rainfall is forecast for the next few weeks, giving producers the opportunity to manage weeds in the most effective way before the sowing window.

GFS Rainfall for the end of January/early February 
Source: Facebook @weathermanaustralia

The Bureau of Meteorology have also forecast rainfall totals that look highly varied for Australia between February and April that have a 75% chance of occurring.

Rainfall – Totals that have a 75% chance of occurring for February to April.
Source: Bureau of Meteorology

The entire chain and tooling range can be fitted to our ChainBar implement frame ensuring that all tillage needs are covered from dealing with leftover stubble after harvest to preparing the ground for seeding. Our chains and tooling options allow for zero tillage, minimum tillage and maximum tillage to ensure our machines work efficiently and effectively and provide the results you desire.

Talk to us or your local dealer today about how the BROOKFIELD ChainBar and our range of Chain & Tooling options can assist your farm operation in reducing chemical and labour costs and assist you manage summer weeds in the most effective way.


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