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New Release OmniBin Mini Range

New Release OmniBin Mini Range

The OmniBin Mini Range has been designed as a compact option to our larger OmniBin range.

We have developed a range of highly versatile commodity bins that are able to handle grain, stock feed, pellets, fertiliser and more.

Features include:
• Full discharge conveyor belt system
• Self-cleaning
• Zero contamination
• Light tare weight
• Front or rear dump
• Side delivery feed-out conveyor
• Available in 6, 9, 12 or 15 cubic metre

Options include:
• Roll-over tarp
• Load cells
• 6m side conveyor
• Remote control
• Light kit
• Customised compartments
• Heavy duty trailer with single or dual axle

There is no doubt the OmniBin Mini Range will prove to be very popular throughout many coastal and inland farming regions as an exceptional, compact and all-round grouper bin.

The OmniBin Mini Range is the safest, cleanest and simplest bin available.


  • Andrew Kay

    Hi Can I please get prices on these mini bins

    Cheers Andrew

  • bf_manager

    Hi Andrew,
    Yes, one of our dealers will be in contact with you shortly.
    Kind Regards,

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