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‘Waratah’ Case Study

‘Waratah’ Case Study

‘Waratah’ a property near Cowra NSW has been the focus of our latest case study. The owner has run this property for many years fattening large numbers of lambs and producing many tonnes of quality hay.

In November 2018, the owner and his agronomist were faced with a situation of very little sub-soil moisture, a very hard surface, poor soil structure, yet a large number of weeds such as thistles, wire weed, grasses and more. The ground was so rough, you couldn’t cross it at any more than 10 kilometers per hour. It was too late to spray and in desperation they turned to senior agronomy adviser Phillip Wallace of BROOKFIELD. Between them they agreed the only option was to hit it with steel.

The owner tried to work his country with different tools like the Offset Plough, the Speedtiller and other machines. They would barely scratch the surface.

In November last year, this paddock was worked with a BROOKFIELD D60-II ChainBar in its second most aggressive configuration (DC90 on the front and DC64 on the rear) to achieve a weed kill, 1-2 inches of tilth and a level finish for the remainder of the fallow period.

On the 28th March 2019, the BROOKFIELD SD150S-TR SuperDrill was used to sow Naparoo Wheat. The SuperDrill is a twin row machine and was set at 5″ spacings to assist with reducing weed growth rates. The Naparoo Wheat will primarily be used for grazing and hay production.

As you can see below, the result to date has been an excellent germination rate given the marginal conditions.



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