Chains and Tooling

Chains and Tooling



The prickle chain is the lightest weight chain of the Brookfield family. It is typically used in minimum & light til applications. It is also favoured chain for use with the small seeds applicator.


The dog leg chain is a unique zero til chain. It is excellent for stubble control especially in erosion sensitive soils but also used with small seeds applicator and as a levelling tool behind a seeder bar.


**Ideal for Canola Stubble** Formerly known as the rigid-flex chain, the DC60 is the most popular of the Brookfield disc chains. It has the greatest versatility featuring the highest performance across the widest range of applications.


Replaceable Discs for High Usage & Contractors
Maximum Tilth Creation
Excellent Performance in Heavy Soils
Maximum Chain Flexibility


**Ideal for Canola Stubble** The DC72 chain is the ‘Hook & Eye’, hi flex chain designed for maximum penetration also featuring a replaceable disc for high acreage users and contractors that are looking for a lower cost replacement chain.


With the same flexible ‘Hook & Eye’, hi-flex system, the DC90 is the heaviest of the BROOKFIELD Chains & Tooling Range. With a sharpened 4mm disc for maximum penetration, the DC90 will achieve good penetration in the hardest Australian soils.

The knuckle chain is a unique zero til chain that is suitable for all soil types. It is excellent for maximum stubble mulching with minimal soil disturbance, perfect for improving germination rates. The knuckle chain is the first all-in-one preparation and seeding chain.


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