Why Use Hay?

Losing lambs from grain poisoning? Feed more hay.
High grain prices for sheep feed? Go twice as far with hay mix.
Use up your poor quality hay – mix it all up with a small percentage of grain – they love it.


The Brookfield sheep feeder is the way of the future for anyone serious about producing quality lambs. The unique design allows unhindered and consistent flow of material at all times making it ideal for supplement feeding and feed-lotting with hay/grain mixes, up to 100% hay.

What makes the BROOKFIELD™ SHEEPFEEDER unique?

The Brookfield sheep feeder stands unique because it contains all the following features in one feeder…

  • Proven, consistent success with 100% hay
  • Adjustable opening, can be adjusted when full
  • Can be carried when full
  • Swinging tray
  • Full opening lid
  • Weather protection over tray
  • Double capacity of a standard lick feeder
  • Fully galvanised robust construction
  • Largest feeding area on the market

…It just keeps getting better!!

Models & Specs



I have recently purchased 12 Sheep Feeders from BROOKFIELD and the quality is outstanding. I use the feeders for back-grounding and intensively feedlotting lambs. They hold a good amount of feed, they are easy to fill and I would recommend them to anyone looking at buying a feeder.


G Allen

I love the feeder I have; brilliant feeder; could not be improved on; never bridges; perfect control; zero waste; definitely the best feeder I’ve ever seen or used !

G Allen

C Kennedy

We love the BROOKFIELD SHEEPFEEDER it’s the best we’ve ever had! We’ve had 3 other feeders and its 10 times better than all those. It replaces 2 feeders for us, we use it as a lick feeder as well as a chaff feeder. The lambs love it! We also use the SHEEPFEEDER for young cattle and it works rather well for those too. I would definitely recommend!

C Kennedy

Woodstock, NSW
Michael C

The Brookfield Sheep Feeder works like a treat, very good results with almost zero waste!

Michael C

Boorowa, NSW
T Davidson

I am very happy with the BROOKFIELD SHEEPFEEDER.

It is very well made and works well.

T Davidson

Moorundie Park
Ben P

Our Brookfield Sheep Feeders are working well, very happy with them. Definitely recommend!

Ben P

Harden, NSW


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