Some till in no-till… we call it ‘Strat Till’

Some till in no-till… we call it ‘Strat Till’

APRIL 17, 2018

“An occasional tillage to deal with weed, disease and compaction issues in no-till farming systems has no long term negative impacts and the benefits outweigh the negatives”

Soil erosion and the loss of organic matter are high priorities on any farmers mind and have been for decades. As time goes on we learn more about the different methods we can implement to improve our soil health and it’s become more common to disregard practices such as stubble burning and complete cultivation.

A newer and more innovative solution to improved soil management is what BROOKFIELD calls Strat Till. At a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Grains Research Update held in Goondiwindi Queensland in 2017, strategic tillage was a hot topic of discussion.  Dr David Freebairn, a research analyst said “the practice of running a farming system without cultivating brought with it a number of challenges” and because of these challenges “no-till farmers were increasingly making the decision to break their adherence to non-cultivation and apply a strategic tillage”.

The BROOKFIELD Strat Till system was designed with soil health in mind by ensuring soil moisture is retained, weedkill is high and soil quality isn’t reduced. The system promotes microbial activity within the soil to assist plant growth and development post sowing.

The Strat Till system in practice:

  1. If there is leftover stubble a BROOKFIELD Dogleg Chain will flatten and crimp stubble, mainly leaving it attached and starting the breakdown process.
  2. With summer rains – The ChainBar with Disc Chain is used to work over the stubble, mulching it into the top 30mm or so of soil and giving a high weedkill as well.
  3. If a further weedkill is required a Disc Chain is run across again – sometimes incorporating chemical or fertilizer. This system retains moisture to the maximum, builds up organic matter and increases microbial activity.
  4. The SuperDrill is then used to sow into this enriched seedbed with a combination of disc and Dogleg chains.

In 2013, Brookfield Farms & Pastoral conducted a case study that brilliantly demonstrates the benefits associated with a Strat Till system. Click here to read more about the Case Study.

Source: Some till in no-till not such a bad thing: Freebairn, Neil Lyon, 23 March 2018,