Introducing the Strategic Tillage Project

Strategic Tillage

The Philosophy

Preparation and sowing of crop has developed and changed dramatically in the past 30 years. It used to be standard practice to burn leftover stubble before one-way ploughing and cultivating if necessary. These methods left very fine powdery soil with low organic matter and high levels of erosion.

The next practice to be become popular was zero-till – an improvement but having its own problems.

So we knew there had to be a better way. Now there is a system that has been working extremely well… Strat-Till.

  1. If there is leftover stubble a BROOKFIELD knockdown Chain will flatten and crimp stubble, mainly leaving it attached and starting the breakdown process.
  2. With summer rains – The ChainBar with Disc Chain is used to work over the stubble, mulching it into the top 30mm or so of soil and giving a high weedkill as well.
  3. If a further weedkill is required a Disc Chain is run across again – sometimes incorporating chemical or fertilizer. This system retains moisture to the maximum, builds up organic matter and stirs up microbial activity.
  4. The SuperDrill is then used to sow into this enriched seedbed with sowing chains.

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The Case Studies

Brookfield Farms

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The first Strat-Till Case Study we decided to undertake was Brookfield Farms & Pastoral. The nearby property has been used extensively for Research and Development on Brookfield Products. It is a top-notch, organized facility that has been practicing Strat-Till for years. This study was taken in 2013 and brilliantly demonstrates the reality of the benefits associated with this SMART program.

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Case Studio - Brookfield Farms

Jan 8th, 2014 - 6T/HA Wheat Stubble one pass with dog leg chains
Apr 16th, 2014 - 2nd pass with disc chain 60, plus 50kg/ha urea injection
Apr 29th, 2014 - Conditions are right for pre-emergent chemicals and seeding
Canolo sown on 29th April 2014 at less than 1kg/ha with Superdrill
Wheat sown on 2nd May 2014 with Superdrill
Canolo sown on 2nd May 2014 with Superdrill
Wheat sown on 9th May 2014 with Superdrill

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