The ChainBar Advantage

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

The demands on producers in today’s agricultural environment makes it challenging as there is an increased desire for for maximum return on investment and minimum downtime through sowing and harvest periods annually.

One of the key challenges is stubble, weed and soil management. At this time of the year, with recent rainfall in most areas it becomes more important to conserve any ground cover whilst removing weeds and managing stubble in the best way possible, even with the dire thoughts of the drought still lingering around in the back of our minds. There is no doubt that the current drought has had us all thinking about our farm management plans, how we operate once the season breaks and how we can be more sustainable producers in the future.

Over the past few years, we have spoken with many customers and potential customers about their ideas and plans and how they can get the best out of their land. We always suggest that the ChainBar has many advantages that may not always be commonly known amongst producers, but its good knowledge to have and know.

The ChainBar Advantages include:
» All BROOKFIELD machines can be built to suit customised on farm requirements.
» The versatile implement frame of the ChainBar can be fitted with up to 7 different chain options that ensures your specific soil-type is cared for as it should (chain options include zero tillage right through to maximum tillage).
» All ChainBars are designed and built with compact transport widths.
» ChainBars can be used for a huge variety of uses including stubble knockdown, mulching, weed control, seedbed preparation, soil levelling, lime incorporation, pasture renovation and chemical incorporation.
» The ChainBar can be fitted with Small Seeds Application and Chemical Application Kits.
» Each ChainBar also features simple chain tensioning, easy height adjustment and a heavy duty walking axle.

A great example of before, during and after, where a BROOKFIELD ChainBar has worked to prepare a paddock prior to sowing.


This D185 ChainBar can be seen below ripping out Fleabane near Nyngan, NSW.
The ChainBar was set up with a combination of DC64 and DC72 chains and it did an excellent job of both stubble knockdown and ripping out Fleabane before sowing.

The D110 ChainBar shown below was fitted with DC60 Rigid Flex Disc Chain and it can be seen here taking out voluntary canola completely. The stark colour change shows just how thorough this weed-kill job was.

Talk to us or your local dealer today about how the BROOKFIELD ChainBar and our range of Chain & Tooling options can assist your farm operation in reducing chemical and labour costs and assist you manage summer weeds in the most effective way.