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Brookfield is an innovative agricultural company that specialises in the design and manufacture of implements and systems to vastly improve efficiency in all things farming. Born from the minds and built with the hands of everyday farmers, these innovations have proven to be seriously effective in getting better results out of the farming practices we have been doing for centuries.



Strategic Tillage

Really, Strat-Till or Strategic Tillage is nothing new. It is simply the thinking that you should use all the resources available to you to put goodness into your soil, meaning it logically has more to offer by seeding time, giving your crops a headstart for the season. Using the Brookfield ChainBar or SuperDrill the Strat-Till process is guaranteed to build up moisture and nutrients in your soil over time increasing your yields all the way. Here’s how it works.


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Post Harvest Weed Management

As we near the end of harvest and head into a fallow period prior to sowing summer crops, effective weed management is key to ensure soil moisture is preserved. Grain Central reported that “removing summer weeds in the months after winter crop harvest will be one of the biggest contributors to improving water use efficiency, minimising soil nutrient losses and reducing disease carryover for 2019 crops.”
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New Release CROSSBAR

For over two decades BROOKFIELD have lived by their brand “Farming the Future” as they have designed, tested and manufactured machinery built for the farming sector. This year however BROOKFIELD is unveiling a product that has been specially designed for the viticulture and horticulture industries alike and they are proud to introduce the CROSSBAR 20.
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Market prices for lambs have continually been hitting records this year and hay and grain prices have more than doubled due to the severity of the drought. Producers are being challenged to weigh up the options of feedlotting lambs and how profitable that may be with input costs rising and feed sources becoming unpredictable in supply.
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I’ve been running the D185 with DC72 through Feathertop Rhodes Grass; it’s been ripping the plant out and laying it on top of the ground with the roots exposed. Then even if you get rain that night, it will not re-germinate. Any other machines I’ve used (tyne, offset, multidisc etc.) leave the roots in contact enough with the soil to re-germinate even up to a week later.

D Durkin

D Durkin


I’m very happy with our OmniBin, its works really well and the remote control operation has made the whole process so much easier!

S Dobbie

S Dobbie


The D130D ChainBar has done a great job on weed control, sowing cereal crops, sowing pasture crops and we used it last year to top dress Canola. We have tried both a Kelly Chain and the Brookfield ChainBar and the ChainBar has been a better fit for us as it’s more adjustable to suit the soil type and it’s tough enough to do the job right the first time. It has done a brilliant job on removing summer weeds such as melons, fleabane and heliotrope. We have also hired the ChainBar out to multiple neighbours who have all been very happy with it and used it for demonstration days locally. The main purpose for purchasing the ChainBar was to smash up the Canola stubble to save the hassle of burning stubble with more and more fire bans and restrictions being in place.

D O’Kane

D O’Kane


We love the BROOKFIELD SHEEPFEEDER it’s the best we’ve ever had! We’ve had 3 other feeders and its 10 times better than all those. It replaces 2 feeders for us, we use it as a lick feeder as well as a chaff feeder. The lambs love it! We also use the SHEEPFEEDER for young cattle and it works rather well for those too. I would definitely recommend!

C Kennedy

C Kennedy

Woodstock, NSW

I am very happy with the BROOKFIELD SHEEPFEEDER.

It is very well made and works well.

T Davidson

T Davidson

Moorundie Park

The machine is going very well. You’re certainly getting them better every time – they’re almost perfect I reckon. I wish everybody would take after BROOKFIELD in continually listening to their customers and improving their products.

D Brown

D Brown

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