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Welcome to BROOKFIELD® – your leading supplier of agricultural machinery.

Brookfield is an innovative agricultural company that specialises in the design and manufacture of implements and systems to vastly improve efficiency in all things farming. Born from the minds and built with the hands of everyday farmers, these innovations have proven to be seriously effective in getting better results out of the farming practices we have been doing for centuries.



Strategic Tillage

Really, Strat-Till or Strategic Tillage is nothing new. It is simply the thinking that you should use all the resources available to you to put goodness into your soil, meaning it logically has more to offer by seeding time, giving your crops a headstart for the season. Using the Brookfield ChainBar or SuperDrill the Strat-Till process is guaranteed to build up moisture and nutrients in your soil over time increasing your yields all the way. Here’s how it works.


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Hear It From Darren

The big challenge is herbicide resistance – we are all using too much chemical. To combat this, we bought a Brookfield Disc Chain...
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Trash Flow Problems?

Blockages are a major issue at seeding time for Australian growers. The Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation in a recent report on the issue finds that “blockages become an increasing issue when stubble loads are above three tonne per hectare (3t/ha)."
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Dealing with Fleabane

On a recent trip to Central Queensland, our boys were privileged to attend a meeting targeted at addressing the issue of tough weeds. One farmer had found that as soon as a Fleabane plant is larger than a 50 cent piece it was impossible to kill with herbicide!
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Very happy with my Brookfield Disc Chain

Does a magnificent job; better than I expected. It’s more aggressive than other disc chains, rips out weeds where others won’t – better job all round.

Definitely recommend the product.

Darren J

Darren J


The ‘Ultimate Weapon’ to do the three stages in one pass:
1. knock stubble down
2. sow the seed
3. cover it over

Phil C

Phil C


I bought 3 machines a few years ago for weed control, and they have since saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in chemical. Couldn’t possibly recommend any better investment for a farmer in this day wanting to make money.

Garry H

Garry H


The machine is going very well. You’re certainly getting them better every time – they’re almost perfect I reckon. I wish everybody would take after BROOKFIELD in continually listening to their customers and improving their products.

D Brown

D Brown


I’m very happy with my BROOKFIELD – have used alternative machines and the BROOKFIELD does a way better levelling job, is much simpler to use, and quick & easy to fold.

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