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Welcome to BROOKFIELD® – your leading supplier of agricultural machinery.

Brookfield is an innovative agricultural company that specialises in the design and manufacture of implements and systems to vastly improve efficiency in all things farming. Born from the minds and built with the hands of everyday farmers, these innovations have proven to be seriously effective in getting better results out of the farming practices we have been doing for centuries.



Strategic Tillage

Really, Strat-Till or Strategic Tillage is nothing new. It is simply the thinking that you should use all the resources available to you to put goodness into your soil, meaning it logically has more to offer by seeding time, giving your crops a headstart for the season. Using the Brookfield ChainBar or SuperDrill the Strat-Till process is guaranteed to build up moisture and nutrients in your soil over time increasing your yields all the way. Here’s how it works.


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The Field Days have begun!

It’s the time of year when the Australian Agricultural Industry hits the road and travels to various Field Days around the country, engaging with farmers in every region. Visit us at the following field days in 2019…
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Grain Feeding Lambs

As lambs continue to hit record prices week after week, its timely to look at grain feeding and the pros and cons that come with full grain diets. Lambs require essential vitamins and minerals to continue their growth which is why it’s important to understand the way a lamb’s rumen and digestive system works.
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Conveying Efficiency at the Farm Gate

The increasing desire for more innovative and efficient farm machinery is where BROOKFIELD’s grass roots began in the Lachlan Valley. Always looking to improve production, make products safer and increase the efficiency in which they work has been a key element in why they do what they do.
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I have recently purchased 12 Sheep Feeders from BROOKFIELD and the quality is outstanding. I use the feeders for back-grounding and intensively feedlotting lambs. They hold a good amount of feed, they are easy to fill and I would recommend them to anyone looking at buying a feeder.




I’m very happy with our OmniBin, its works really well and the remote control operation has made the whole process so much easier!

S Dobbie

S Dobbie


The D90 ChainBar is very well made and has been good at working both the black soil (creek flats) as well as our lighter sandy country. We have used it for weed control and working the soil after ploughing and it will be used this season for sowing.

K Cruikshank

K Cruikshank


I am very happy with the BROOKFIELD SHEEPFEEDER.

It is very well made and works well.

T Davidson

T Davidson

Moorundie Park

The machine is going very well. You’re certainly getting them better every time – they’re almost perfect I reckon. I wish everybody would take after BROOKFIELD in continually listening to their customers and improving their products.

D Brown

D Brown


I’ve been able to significantly improve my operation since 2006 when I invested in my first BROOKFIELD machine – I now run three. They have proven their performance by vastly reducing our spraying costs, improved soil composition through stubble mulching and rid us of wheel track problems – the list is endless. Part of the success of these machines is due to BROOKFIELD’s close communication with me – the farmer, they are also willing to consider my suggestions, and they are backed up with excellent service.

R Aitken

R Aitken

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