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Welcome to BROOKFIELD® – your leading supplier of agricultural machinery.

Brookfield is an innovative agricultural company that specialises in the design and manufacture of implements and systems to vastly improve efficiency in all things farming. Born from the minds and built with the hands of everyday farmers, these innovations have proven to be seriously effective in getting better results out of the farming practices we have been doing for centuries.


Brookfield Omnibin and Omnibin mini range


The CrossBar has reduced our mowing by 80% and we use it to level our mid-rows which has reduced the wear and tear on our other machinery. It’s been beneficial in seedbed preparation before planting and we have used it for bearing the earth to help with the impact of frosts. We have seen a good improvement in the mid-row heat by using the CrossBar.

Windowrie Winery, Canowindra, NSW

I’ve been able to significantly improve my operation since 2006 when I invested in my first BROOKFIELD machine – I now run three. They have proven their performance by vastly reducing our spraying costs, improved soil composition through stubble mulching and rid us of wheel track problems – the list is endless. Part of the success of these machines is due to BROOKFIELD’s close communication with me – the farmer, they are also willing to consider my suggestions, and they are backed up with excellent service.


Magnificent machine – the best $XXX I’ve ever spent – awesome machine. It turned up, it was set up well and it worked – marvellous – I love it – thank you.
We were having increasing trouble with rye grass resistance – used the machine last summer on it; ripped out all the stuff growing, buried the rest of the seeds and I got a full germination which we sprayed out before sowing. Now you look down the stubble rows – there’s not a blade of rye grass in those paddocks, excellent results first year.


We recently purchased an OB320 OmniBin with a 12m Conveyor as we were experiencing contamination issues with our previous grouper. The OmniBin is wonderful to use, it has got the remote-control system, and everything works so smooth with the conveyors. It works much quicker than we thought it would and it’s a dual purpose machine so we can cart grain in it if we need to and just drop it out the back of the machine – very happy with that. We do not have any contamination issues and it is a lot quicker not setting up augers.

The OmniBin is the pinnacle of grouper bins – the extension has been magic; it matches up to our seeder so well. I would definitely recommend BROOKFIELD to anyone looking for a new grouper bin!


What a brilliant piece of gear. We have not had to get in and sweep grain out of it once on a variety changes yet with zero contamination issues. We have successfully done two harvests and almost two seedings. And last year, we employed it to fill self feeders all over the farm. Without hesitation, the team at BROOKFIELD have successfully fulfilled our initial goal of purchasing a multi compartment bin that could be used for more then one purpose, is convenient and most of all safe and easy to operate. I have no doubt it will last a very long time due to its build quality. Thanks again on a brilliant, unique bulk bin.


BROOKFIELD is absolutely unbelievable. You couldn’t tell someone how good they are until you use them yourself on your own farm. It is now the most important tool on my farm – cannot believe how much we use it for all sorts of things we’d never dreamt it would do.

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