Sheep Feeders On Farm

Sheep Feeders On Farm

FEBRUARY 27, 2019

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to see our products on farm, improving efficiency and satisfying a customer need. Last week we visited a recent customer, Bill from Narromine NSW who had recently purchased 12 BROOKFIELD Sheep Feeders.

Bill runs a large mixed farming enterprise in the Narromine district which includes backgrounding and intensively feedlotting lambs. Bill had several other brand feeders that he had been using in the feedlot but he was searching for a feeder that could hold more feed and was better quality. While searching for a feeder, one of his mates recommended BROOKFIELD’s Sheep Feeder to him. Bill then visited our head office in Cowra to see our feeders and was really impressed with the design, quality and increased capacity they could hold compared to other feeders on the market.

On farm, Bill’s lambs are currently backgrounded with BROOKFIELD Sheep Feeders in paddocks of stubble until they reach 41kgs where they are then inducted into the feedlot for a 7 week period. During the 7 weeks in the feedlot, they gain 300 grams per day to reach a finishing weight of 55-56kg. The lambs are then sold to a local abattoir where they are processed over the hook.

BROOKFIELD Sheep Feeders reduce labour input costs as the feeders are only filled twice per week with a feedlot mix comprising of oaten hay, chick pea splits and barley. The feeders are 500kg empty and are easily moved from paddock to paddock even when full. BROOKFIELD’s feeders are fully galvanised with an easily adjustable folding lid which take just seconds to have them open and ready to fill. Bill says, “the quality of our feeders is OUTSTANDING” and he would recommend them to anyone in the market for a feeder.

Whether your backgrounding, feedlotting or supplement feeding in the current conditions, our feeders can be used for all purposes and filled with finer feed mixes up to 100% hay. The swinging tray allows for an unhindered flow of feed and holds 2-3 times the capacity of other feeders on the market, making it the perfect feeder all year round.

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